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Roulette Wheel Rentals MA

For roulette wheel rentals, MA based company, New England Casino Events, is the place to call. Roulette is a game that no casino should be without, and neither should your casino night! Our casino grade roulette wheel tables come fully skirted and can host 20 to 25 guests per table. Each table comes with a mahogany roulette wheel and arm rail that adds to the genuine casino feel of the table. Our roulette wheel tables also come with an authentic full color layout, or branded options for large corporate events. We also provide a casino grade marker, and casino grade chips, so that your guests will feel like they are actually in a Las Vegas casino.

Roulette Wheel Rentals for MA Casino Nights

Roulette is a great game for any level of casino gamers. Nothing beats the fun and excitement of watching that ball ping the mahogany wheel, touching your numbers as it slows to a stop. Most say it's a game of chance, some say they know the science behind it. Either way, this classic game is one you do not want to leave out of your casino night. Roulette wheel rentals, MA party hosts will love for their authentic feel, can be found at New England Casino Events. Our professional dealers can help beginners learn the game, while entertaining those who have played before. Call us today to learn more!

LED Glow Roulette Wheel Rentals in MA

If you want to bring that nightlife casino feel to your event, ask about our LED glow light roulette wheel rentals. MA partygoers will be buzzing about the look and feel of your casino event long after the party ends. Just like our classic tables, our LED lit roulette tables can host 20 to 25 guests, and come with casino grade wheels, markers, and roulette chips. With 16 different LED glow choices, you can easily match your tables to corporate branding, or party theme colors. Each table can be controlled by a remote, or flash to the beat of music while your guests enjoy the exciting game of roulette. Our tables do not require power chords or wires, so you don't have to worry about anyone tripping as they wait to play.

Call Us Today for the Best Roulette Wheel Rentals in MA

If you're hosting a casino night, don't forget the roulette! For more information on our classic and LED roulette wheel rentals in MA, call us today at (800) 275-0185, or request an email quote online. Don't forget to ask about our long list of rentals and enhancements, and the value we add to all of our services here at New England Casino Events. For the best, casino grade roulette wheel rentals, MA party-throwers should call us today!